Who Wants to Play House?

I moved for the sixth time in 12 months, last week.

Walking back to my new building, I stumbled upon this lost little house, waiting for someone to come play.

It’s a funny feeling, to be perpetually carving out new, temporary living spaces. I’m settling into my two-month sublease, but with the knowledge that I’ll be uprooting again in August.

For the time being, I own three plants, a double-sized bed, and sheets. I unpacked my books and filled a borrowed bookcase. The others are stacked in the corners of my room.

It was all I could do to keep myself from dragging this raggedy house back home with me. I wonder what this means: the impulse to collect wayward, ferile homes, the way some people want to rescue stray kittens. Since I can’t seem to find myself in one stable location long enough to make a nest, perhaps saving this little one would be the next best thing.

Maybe I’ll go back and find it. Maybe I could use it to hold those extra books.


5 thoughts on “Who Wants to Play House?

  1. Maybe its a Mueller thing. Im always fighting the desire to rescue “usable” or forelorn items from the side of the street….

  2. I think you must go back for it. ( You can always leave it for someone else when you move.) There could be a story in there waiting for you.There is an amazing site of a woman who constructed a hobbit town model–wish I could find it!


  3. Yes, you should go back for it. But I do think you need one of those folding chairs in a bag that you can take wherever you go. If you have books, you need a chair.


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