Alyssa and her iPad Case.

Alyssa’s not the kind of girl who will settle for whatever is available, if it’s not just right. Why would she, when she knows she can create something better with her own two hands?

The iPad cases at the Apple Store clearly wouldn’t cut it. So Alyssa rummaged through her tools, and a used bookstore down the street, and came up with a very practical piece of artwork called “The Romance of Discovery.”

Not only does the case protect the iPad, it’s hinged on the back so that she can stand the screen up at three different angles—one that’s perfect for movie viewing, one for reading while sitting at desk, and one for laying down.

The iPad itself is easily detachable, revealing an illuminated manuscript-like tablet behind. All speakers, microphones and plugs are left accessible.

I do wonder what Mr. Van Loon, the author of this volume, would think about the meat of his story being removed to make way for a new kind of media-sharing tool. Being the creator of  a novel titled, “The Romance of Discovery,” I like to think he’d be quite pleased.


3 thoughts on “Alyssa and her iPad Case.

  1. Way back in the corner of my memory, I see a thick book in my father’s bookcase called something like “Van Loon’s Geography” or maybe it was history. But Van Loon was there back in the ’40s. I wonder where he has gone, perhaps right into Alisha’s I pad where he is sure to be comfortable.

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