DIY Inspiration: The Vertical Herb Garden.

There’s something about making physical things—following inspiration and idea through to concrete completion—that trains me bit by bit to shape and mold my life into what I most enjoy.

It’s all about breaking through the 20 minutes just before I get started, when I’m staring at the materials spread out on my floor and thinking, “Really?”  (I just wrote more about this in my blog about the herb garden for elephant.)

Yes, really. And then I get started and slip in, like a long run or 30 minutes on the mediation cushion. The repetitive movement of hands and breath and focus on minute details, which makes everything else fade. The best kind of creativity.

I’m proud of my vertical herb garden, which started out as a packing pallet that I found on Christopher’s back porch. My favorite part is walking by and leaning in close, smelling the sage and basil and mint. (And yes, I’ve seen some random passersby stop to do the same while they cut through our alley.)

* Garden inspiration via The Improvised Life, detailed how-to at Life on the Balcony


7 thoughts on “DIY Inspiration: The Vertical Herb Garden.

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  2. You are always surprisingly up to something.. well.. out of the ‘box’. This time it’s ‘propped up’ or vertical as it were. Charming.

    I have heard about vertical gardens on the sides of houses. Radical and so interesting. An urban gardeners dream.

  3. I love this! And I want to try it immediately. Well done choosing what to plant. I love the colors in the pictures. You always seem to work on such fascinating projects.

  4. Your vertical garden is a great idea, very resourceful and unique. You picked my favorite things to plant in it too, herbs. I may have to give this a try myself.

    • Thank you, Tracie! You should definitely give it a try. I tried to pick herbs that I would actually use…so lots of chives, and basil and mint and oregano. Mmm. Thanks for reading!

  5. I wonder a few things.
    1. How to water, can the water remain on his place.
    2. the plants are putted in horizontaly, don’t they intent to fall.

    No critic questions, just to learn.


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