These past few weeks, amid a chaotic schedule that sometimes feels more like a game of Tetris than a life, I’ve been thinking about how I nourish myself. This includes a re-evaluation of the things that fill my frig, for sure,  but also the ideas and expressions that I drink in through my ears and eyes and other senses.

On this Sunday afternoon, in the few hour space between a pancake breakfast and a housewarming party (the ingredients for this cobbler sit waiting on my counter as I type), I’m reminded, all over again of the need for time to sift through the other websites that inspire and encourage me. I would go crazy (and often do) without them:

personal blogs

Bhanu Kapil
Colette McInerney
Peggy Markel
The Improvised Life
Linh Dinh’s
State of the Union photoblog
You Are It

online publications

The Believer
Good Magazine
The Rumpus
The Sun
elephant journal

creative people and the spaces they create

The Selby


Smitten Kitchen

And while we’re on the subject, sites of other writers who astound and inspire me:

Chris Abani (his words hit me in the gut)
Jeanette Winterson (stunning one-liners)
Aimee Bender (Los Angeles sunset fairytales)
Jonathan Safran Foer (old man wisdom/young man’s playfulness…or maybe the other way around)
Arundhati Roy (her heart astounds me, and by heart I also mean courage)
Pema Chodron (sanity)

And props to people that I love:

Maureen Whitehouse
Maeve Mueller
Katya Slivinskaya
Simran Sethi

Spencer Sator
tumbleweed Avy Harris
Caroline Treadway
Alyssa Reese

and lastly, some favorite places, offline

Dharma Ocean Retreat Center, Crestone Colorado
Books & Books, Miami Florida
Naropa University, Boulder Colorado
T, Boston Massachusetts

~ Merete, 8/15/10